Forager’s Report 10/19/2017

Mushrooming this year has been a struggle and we haven’t had a good haul in a long time. But hope springs eternal and we went picking yesterday in the hopes of finding something for the meeting that night. We found one mushroom: a big laughing Gym that grows every year in the same place in Point Reyes. In my garden there was a landscape morel that I also brought to the meeting.

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To summarize the mushrooming year: During December, January and February it rained too much and the rest of the months were too dry. We mentioned the dearth of mushrooms in view of the plentiful rains to a mushroom guru and he said that they came up, but that the rains pounded them down.

We keep hoping that the mycelium grew during the rains and decided to save energy to give to the dying trees instead. Once it finishes this process, this will be a magnificent season after the rains arrive. Nothing scientific about our hopes.


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