Forager’s Report 03/06/17

I’ve been down with the flu and haven’t  been out.  I assume black trumpets and hedgehogs are still in motion. I can’t wait to get back out there to verify.   I’ve heard reports that massive quantities of golden chanterelle (showing up in local markets) still being harvested in the East Bay and would guess the same for West Marin County.  Here in Strawberry the delicious springtime Amanita  (Amanita velosa) is fruiting in abundance in the grassy zones around the large live oak behind my store. This is one of the few mushrooms I enjoy eating raw.
Morels in the Sierras are just around the bend. Be patient. Morels are showing up in local markets and I suspect these are harvested in olive groves.  I would steer clear of these because of pesticide residue and grit that seems to be ever present in them.  Locally, look for ‘landscape morels’ in freshly mulched gardens. (hopefully organically cultivated!) They should be showing up at this time.
Let us know what you’re finding so we can share with our members and readers.
Kevin Sadlier
Mycological Society Of
Marin County
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