Foragers Report 11/15/2017

It was raining when I left Novato and it was pouring by the time I reached my hunting grounds in Salt Point State Park.  There were three cars already there, picking MY porcini.

Like Pooh’s forest, it had been misty and moisty the preceding days, perfect weather after such a long, long stretch of dry.  And so I  went to have a look in Point Reyes with happy expectations.  The hope was well founded and a Lion’s Mane and some Oysters suddenly made an appearance for my basket.  It had been six month without a find!   Mycenae troops carpeted the floor, enough to make my day.

After this find, of course I got the mushrooming fever!  I thought about mushrooms and dreamed of porcini, pinpointing the place where I would find them.  Could not help myself and had to go and see if my dream was real.  Took off for Salt Point.

Another hunter was coming out of the woods as I arrived.  Reluctanly, he showed me one porcini.  I could see that his bag carried some more of this delectable mushroom.  Looked and looked, but found none.  Went to another place in the park and found tons of false chanterelles, which are not edible, but so very pretty.   As David Campbell said last night in his very interesting talk:   if you cannot eat with your mouth, eat with your eyes.

Moved to yet another place and found some Slippery Jacks, Sulphur Tufts, Lepiotas, Spy mushrooms, a tiny Boletus-like mushroom that so far have not identified, a Pluteus and some Russulas.  Not a very large haul, but a satisfying one nevertheless.

I collect for pleasure and to display on the meeting table,  so took it all there.  I was not the only one.   A mycophile named Eric had a basketful of porcini.  They looked like buns for he had arranged them in a bread basket, napkin and all.  Kevin Sadlier, our society’s president, had found some Chanterelles, porcinis, and other goodies.  Deborah B. had found some Oysters and polypores.  The table looked good.

Between the hunt and David Campbell’s show, I went home fulfilled.


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