Foragers Report 11/27/2017

The 2017  fall mushroom season has been spotty at best, much like the spring. Despite the rain this past Sunday, 12 intrepid members set out for a mushroom walk. By the time we arrived the rains had passed and the forest had a misty magical feel to it.   We didn’t find many choice edibles, but everyone went home with at least one prime King Bolete (Boletus edulis var. grandedulis).  Only one Queen Bolete (Boletus regineus)  was found.  The edible Sweetbread Mushroom (Clitopilus prunulus) was in abundance. This mushroom is known to occur at the same time as the King, but it was obviously not guaranteed.  Finola was fortunate to find a couple of Shrimp Russulas (Russula xerampelina) Yum!  We saw tons of Suillus species as well as a few varieties of Laccaria and Lactarius.  No candycaps (Lactarius rubidus) yet.  A few random finds of Lepiota magnispora ,Inocybe insinuata, various  Russula species.
Amanita muscaria and  A. calyptoderma were seen.  The forest floor of mixed tanoak and pine were carpeted with a white mycena like fungus that was so dense at times it looked like snow had fallen.  Bring on the Matsutake!
Kevin Sadlier
President and Founder
Mycological Society Of Marin County
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