Forager’s Report – 1/21/2018

We received an invitation from our sister organization, the Mycological Society of San Francisco, to join them in a members-only potluck foray at Point Reyes and we accepted with alacrity.  After a very dry December, the rains finally arrived a week earlier, there was some moisture, and expectations were high.

A combination of factors (government shut-down, rain storm for that day) brought our group down from a reserved 22 people to the actual 11 that showed up at the Bear Valley Picnic area.  MSSF’s group had around 11 persons too, making our group manageable and cozy.  The day was perfect for traipsing through the woods and the forecast was that rain would be waiting until the afternoon.

Instructions were to foray for two hours and to come back around 12-12:30 for lunch.  Some hardy members of both groups followed Kevin and Eric to Skyline trail to look for Chanterelles.  Those of us less fit and ambitious went around the horse camp to collect for the ID table.

Although the collection was not extensive, there were two beautiful specimens of Chanterelles, an impressive Tylopilus, some Candy caps, many Amanita Velosas, Psathyrella, dung-loving mushrooms, Sarcoscypha, Peziza, and other interesting ones.  The Oak chanterelle were actually abundant but none of the Formosa type under fir were found.

But the pot luck, oh the pot luck!  Eric had brought his stove to warm up his wonderful Chanterelle soup, Kevin his black Chanterelles latkes, the Novaks a candy cap butter that was a killer, and the Weiss a vegan stew that tasted like heaven.  The desserts were memorable and the Kombucha and lavender lemonade very good.

The wind and cold started to pick up around 3 p.m., so we called it a great! day and went happily home.

See you in the forest,
Kevin Sadlier
Mycological Society of Marin

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